If you want to reach Madrid by train (AVE or long distance), there is a 30% disccount in the ticket.
To obtain de discount code, please, contact with the technical secretariat:

Train from Madrid:

  • Train from Madrid Puerta de Atocha to Toledo. Book a round-trip ticket from Madrid Puerta de Atocha to Toledo and back on the following site: http://www.renfe.com/EN/viajeros/index.html (20.60 €). DEPARTURE = MADRID (ALL); DESTINATION (TOLEDO). If you arrive at Madrid Barajas airport (T1, T2, T3). You will have to take a shuttle bus to travel to terminal T4, it operates 24-hours a day.
  • If you arrive at Madrid Barajas airport (T1, T2, T3). Move to the T4 terminal. To travel between the terminals, there is a 24-hour shuttle bus.
  • Train from Terminal T4 (Madrid Barajas) to Atocha Renfe. Take the train from Madrid Barajas (airport) to Atocha Renfe (train station). You can choose to travel by train (Cercanías) or Metro. IMPORTANT: Whichever option you choose, you will have to walk from Atocha station to Puerta de Atocha.
    • Option 1: Cercanías. . The Spanish railway company RENFE, connects Madrid Barajas airport with Madrid through the local train network service "Cercanías" C1 line. DEPARTURE = Aeropuerto T4 (Airport T4); DESTINATION = Atocha. For passengers with long distance train tickets, or an AVE ticket (high-speed train), this service is free.
    • Option 2: Metro (not recommended). DEPARTURE = Aeropuerto T4 (Airport T4); DESTINATION = Atocha Renfe.
      • Subway exit from Airport T4, Line 8, direction Nuevos Ministerios
      • Change to Line 10 train at Nuevos Ministerios station, direction Puerta del Sur
      • Change to Line 1 at Tribunal station, direction Valdecarros
      • Get off the train at the Atocha Renfe station


Car from Madrid:

Toledo is located just 71 km from Madrid, so you can also opt to travel by car. Attendees can follow the route shown on the map, from Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas airport.